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Neal Trafficanta
Professor Livengood
ENG 101
3 October 2007
Fish Hook

Ever since my Grandma Dor had two open heart surgeries and moved to her house in the peaceful country, I began to love fishing. I loved it like a fish loves water. My family and I usually go to my grandmas every weekend. She lives on Fox Lake where there are always loads of boats and jet skis. It’s always a blast at her house. The whole family gathers and we have big barbeques with the best ribs you have ever tasted in your life. At night everyone gathers in front of the bon fire and we make delicious smores. Then we get big games of poker going, everyone puts in five dollars and we play what seems like all night. Eventually it gets late and everybody goes inside except for me and my brother Nick. Nick is three years older than me, and is short and stocky with a lot of energy. We sit around the dwindling camp fire and talk about the days fishing we did. That particular day we admitted that we didn’t do so well. We decided that in the morning we were going to go to our secret spot, the “Point”.

After preparing the tackle the next morning we began our journey to the “point”. We brought with us worms and leaches. Leaches are especially good because they attract all the big fish to us. We headed out to our spot which was in walking distance of where we were. We were out a couple of hours and had no bites, so it actually felt like we were out there for an eternity. All of a sudden I got a bite on my line; I thought to myself “I hooked a big one”! I realized while I was reeling it in that it was an enormous bass. My brother was sitting in front of me still fishing while I’m taking the hook off my fish. Meanwhile I am crouched down and my brother Nick wings back his pole trying to cast it, and I feel a weird on my ear. It felt like someone had stabbed my in the ear with a knife. I began to panic and started screaming and yelling. My brother still hadn’t figured it out what had happened and he began jerking the pole around throwing my head around in every direction like a rag doll. I screamed, “Stop”! “Stop”! He finally realized what had happened and he came over to me in panic mode.

There was blood everywhere and my ear had a giant hole in it. We rushed ashore and stared yelling for our parents but no one was around, so he got in his car and rushed me to the hospital. I was so scared and didn’t know what to think. We got to the hospital and they told me to relax, that I would only need a few stitches. I began to calm down a little bit but I will never forget the pain that I endured that day.

I don’t blame nick for what happened that day even though in may have been his wild nature that caused him to keep tugging at my ear. To this day, every time we to Grandma Dor’s house my family always has to bring up the situation of me getting hooked. Nick and I don’t care as we still go fishing every other weekend and we like to joke and play about what happened that day. Now every time we cast the line we tell the other person that we are doing it. Hopefully this will never happen again. Top